Ramadan encourages volunteering spirit in young Saudis

During Ramadan, young people in Jeddah eagerly volunteer to distribute iftar meals to passers-by at crossroads and traffic lights around Maghrib prayers while others volunteer with various charities in the region.

The volunteers participate as part of humanity, basic Islamic principles, and national responsibility. They seek to be rewarded by God and strive to spread the message of solidarity, spirit of cooperation and collaboration and to serve their country.

Abdullah Al-Shehri walks around one of the crossroads in central Jeddah distributing iftar meals to passers-by. He said that “he was motivated to spread awareness about serving to those who are fasting during Ramadan as it reflects the high values of the sons of the Kingdom.”

Mohammed Al-Mujaidri considered volunteering a good and humane activity and said that volunteers should perform their duty without expecting compensation as it elevates the person’s status in society.

Al-Mujaidri said that he and his colleagues participate in volunteering as they feel a responsibility towards their country and society, which is derived from Islam that encourages spending generously for the sake of good and giving.

He said: “We seek to (present) a positive image of the sons of this giving country and highlight the faces of Saudi volunteers, who are contributing in strengthening the culture of volunteer work and supporting it to ensure its continuity for the good of the country and society.”