Qatari Diar’s ‘Chelsea Barracks’ wins world’s best sustainable housing project

Qatari Diar won the award for the best sustainable housing project in the world for the Chelsea Barracks project in Belgravia, Britain, as part of the International Property Awards ceremony organized in London.
The 12.8-acre Chelsea Barracks project, a mixed-use real estate development project featuring traditional gardens in Britain’s Belgravia district that embraces the neighborhood to form public green spaces and trails that permeate the site, won the award thanks to its environmentally responsible design and the abundant number of sustainability certificates it holds.
The various components of the Chelsea Barracks project promote sustainability at the heart of the developers’ vision, as 40 percent of the site area is dedicated to green spaces, and the design and materials used in construction all support this vision, which led the project to obtain a platinum rating from the energy leadership system and environmentally friendly designs (LEED) after it was considered as the most sustainable project in Europe and one of 16 projects worldwide achieved this classification, which helped the project in Receive the International Property Award.
In a statement, CEO of Qatari Diar Eng. Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah said that the company has developed its strategic vision that the Chelsea Barracks project from its inception should be based on the maximum sustainability that can be achieved when developing any real estate project through the design and implementation of a sustainable project integrated and environmentally friendly, including a diversified residential complex with platinum ratings from energy driving system, environmentally friendly designs and green spaces over 40 percent of the project area as a whole.
Al Attiyah explained that these factors added great value to the project’s residents and the local community in the revived part of the Belgravia district of London and that the company was keen to create spaces that will be very smoothly aligned with the surrounding area.