CB launches ‘CBSafe ID’, first of its kind digitally secure service in Qatar

Commercial Bank, the leading digital bank in Qatar, has launched its latest innovation ‘CBSafe ID’, a first of its kind digitally secure service in Qatar.
The announcement was made during a virtual media roundtable to discuss the bank’s digital market leadership with representatives of local media on Thursday.
As the safety of Commercial Bank customers’ data is paramount, ‘CBSafe ID’ service will be operational within a week.
During the roundtable meeting, Commercial Bank EGM and Retail Banking Head Amit Sah, Commercial Bank AGM and Head of Cards and Payments Roya Khajeh along with Commercial Bank AGM and Head of Branches Nayef Al Beshri highlighted that the bank’s innovations evolve around empowering customers through innovative products and services that provide them with convenience, choice and control.
The three speakers took media representatives on a tour around CB’s latest innovative products and services. The session was moderated by Commercial Bank Corporate Communications Manager Ghada Kofa.
Commercial Bank has created a way for customers to take back control when trying to validate if the caller is genuine and calling from the bank. Using the CBQ Mobile App, customers will be able to identify legitimate calls from the bank, ensuring the authenticity of the caller and therefore reducing the chances of a fraudster tricking them.
It is a simple process where the bank agent, before calling initiates a push notification to the customer’s registered mobile number, to inform them that the bank is about to call. Then the Commercial Bank agent calls the customers and speaks out the CBsafe ID number displayed on the customer’s Mobile Banking App login screen, which in turn confirms the authenticity of the caller.
The dynamic nature of CBsafe ID provides an extra protective layer to the service that makes it more secure to use. The code creates a new dynamic password each time CBsafe ID is used.
Commenting on the launch, Amit Sah said, “Commercial Bank believes that digital leadership is about empowering customers to choose when, where and how, they engage with us at their convenience. Our philosophy on innovation is driven by the value created for customers rather than innovation for the sake of innovation. Hence, we have a laser-focused approach on adoption and usage.”
The panel also discussed another innovative service that was introduced recently, “CB Video Relationship Manager”. Through this service, customers can meet their Relationship Manager without having to visit a branch or a lounge.
Clarifying why this service is considered to be a very convenient service, Sah said, “CB Video Relationship Manager is more than a video conferencing tool. Though similar in use to the many platforms customers are already familiar with, it has additional special features that Commercial Bank once again brings first to the market in Qatar. The CB Video Relationship Manager allows customers to do everything they would normally do, if they were physically face to face in the bank”.
Beshri provided an insightful overview of the three distinct styles of branches that cater to all customer needs specifically the latest paperless branch that Commercial Bank opened recently. Beshri said, “This is only the first step towards the remodeling of the physical presence of all Commercial Bank branches network in the country to be more efficient, customer friendly and most importantly, paperless. The paperless concept at the Teller will be implemented in all our branches.”
Commercial Bank was the first bank in Qatar to introduce many key features, which includes the Self-Service Cards Printing Machines, CB Pay, as well as introducing payment services with Apple Pay and wearables like Fitbit and Garmin. While customers always look forward for CB’s new digital services, they always expect to receive services which are safe, secure, and reliable.
Roya Khajeh said, “Commercial Bank constantly strives to introduce the latest and most innovative services to our customers. The Self-Service Card Printing Machines allow our customers to easily print their Cards through simple self-service steps. This service follows many innovative digital solutions we have offered our customers like CB Pay which allows customers to add their CB Cards and make secure payments using their Android phones.”
Commercial Bank will continue to bring the latest innovation to customers while providing proper guidance and education about new products and services. With a core belief that everything is possible, the bank aims to lead the market by delivering innovative digital offerings that provide excellent customer experience.