Bahrain’s commitment to combating communicable diseases stressed

Health Minister Dr. Jaleela bint Al Sayyid Jawad Hasan stressed keenness on all developments related to epidemiological investigation and response to global communicable diseases.


She underlined Bahrain’s commitment to enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the health system and building on national health achievements.


Chairing the first meeting of the National Taskforce for Combating Communicable Diseases, she stressed the team’s role in supporting proactive planning, taking precautionary and preventive measures, and increasing preparations to enhance response to any health developments related to communicable diseases.


The session focused on the latest health developments related to monkeypox and ways to limit the spread of the virus and maintain public safety.


It stressed the importance of strengthening epidemiological surveillance plans and following up on the implementation of the recommendations and protocols issued by the World Health Organization in this regard.