Aramco’s top technology officer says oil giant leads global innovation wave amid surge in patents

Energy giant Aramco has consolidated its position as the leading innovator in the oil and gas sector and featured in the top 50 list of all companies and universities granted patents by the US patent and trademark office said a senior company official.

“Until 2011, we had only been granted 100 US patents over a period of 78 years. In 2021 alone, we were awarded 864 patents — ranking us first in the oil and gas industry and in the top 50 list of all companies and universities that received US patents in 2021,” Aramco’s Chief Technology Officer Ahmad Al-Khowaiter told Arab News.

The patents come when developing energy breakthroughs are more critical than ever. The demand for low-carbon energy and sustainable practices has resulted in a pressing need for new technologies and scientific advancements.

“Over the past 20 years, we invested heavily in innovation as part of our corporate culture to improve our operations’ long-term sustainability and efficiency, which resulted in a rapid growth of our patent portfolio,” said Al-Khowaiter.

Aramco’s focus on advancing sustainability technologies has led to one of the lowest crude oil production carbon intensities among all significant producers globally.

Also notable is its focus on simulation and modeling, advanced materials, and artificial intelligence, adding to the breadth of its research and technology capabilities.

“While patents are a leading indicator of innovation, the ultimate goal is to create value by developing competitive solutions for our business and sustainability challenges,” added Al-Khowaiter.